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Bonavista Social Club

Bonavista Social Club is located in the small community of Upper Amherst Cove, overlooking the rocky shores of Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland.

Owned and operated by Chef Katie Hayes, the restaurant pays homage to the rugged self-sufficiency of generations of Newfoundlanders. The majority of the restaurant’s ingredients are grown and cultivated within a stone's throw of the kitchen, with recipes catering to the modern palate. Local seafood and wild game also feature prominently during season.

The restaurant also offers private dining, catering services and cooking classes both in person and virtual.

Bonavista Social Club’s open kitchen concept is centred around its wood fired bread oven. The oven provides a visual and sensory experience allowing customers to be a part of the kitchen theatre.

Food is served indoors or on a panoramic ocean view deck. The menu includes sandwiches, soup, salads and pizza with ingredients varying depending on what is in season and fresh in the gardens.

The restaurant building was built by Katie's father Mike Paterson of Paterson Woodworking. He hand crafted the tables and furniture as well as the wooden plates and bowls used in the restaurant.

Hours of Operation:

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Our Food

The Bonavista Social Club ethos is to offer customers a direct ‘Farm to Plate’ experience. Showcasing what is possible to grow and procure in rural Newfoundland.

The raw product for the menu is primarily grown and harvested directly on the restaurant premise. Transparency of our operations to the customer is of the upmost importance. We use traditional methods of fertilising and managing our soil. The gardens and greenhouse are made available to customers throughout the season.

The menu is seasonally driven with the aim to make the local ingredients the focus. To compliment the menu we also partner with local fishermen, farmers and foragers.

Menu items include Pizza, Pasta, Moose Burgers, Sandwiches, Soup, Salads and Deserts.

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Our Oven

The Bread Oven used at the Bonavista Social Club is the Le Panyol 180 manufactured in France by Le Panyol and distributed in North America by Maine Wood Heat. The Le Panyol oven was chosen because of its many unique features. The clay used in the oven is made of 100% “Terre Blanche” a clay consisting of kaolin and feldspar. The “Terre Blanche” has unique insulative properties which requires ½ to ¼ of the fuel required by other ovens. The Bonavista Social Club uses Newfoundland grown Silver Birch and White Birch to heat the oven.

The oven was constructed by Martin Palmer a mason from St John’s. The red bricks used on the facing of the oven were collected from old buildings in St John’s. The oven is a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of Martin.


We offer online and in person classes based on the menu and ethos of the Bonavista Social Club. The classes are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere with hands on training and directions.

We offer curated classes for small groups or individuals.

Private Events

We are available for private events at the restaurant and at off site locations.

Menus are bespoke based on the events catering requirements.

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